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2-Axis Welding Positioner P-Type

The 2-axis welding positioner P-type is lightweight and has a compact structure. It is equipped with our proud RV gear reducer, which ensures the high-precision rotation, (repeatability <1 arc.min), as an external axis of the robot, it is controlled by the controller of robot, just fix the workpiece on it with a welding fixture.

  • Servo-Controlled welding positioners
  • High precision
  • Fast and Reliable performance
  • Long lifespan
  • Common payload 200KG, 500KG and 1000KG
  • Can customized size and payload
  • Easily programmed and coordinated with robot motion
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    2 axis welding positioner payload 200kg

    Payload 200KG 2-Axis Welding Positioner Specification

    Payload 500KG 2-Axis Welding Positioner Specification

    Payload 1000KG 2-Axis Welding Positioner Specification

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