Special Design For Arc Welding Robot

Through 2 years R&D, in 2016, we successfully developed this arc welding robot and released it in the market.

It integrated welding system sucha as wire feeder, wire spool and welding torch with robot body, easy installation.
Has a compact structure, enclosed cables to prevent snagging during robot operations.
Various welding applications, supports various welding applications such as CO2/MAG, MIG, TIG and laser welding.
High configuration high accuracy, high payload 6kg, enough load capacity to easily handle a laser tracking sensor, high accuracy and repeatability 0.03mm, trajectory accuracy 0.3mm.

We Take Care of Every Detail for Arc Welding Robot

We Design With Heart, Focus on R & D, And Take Control of Production!

Please click our structure principle, you will find each spare part of arc welding robot has excellent performance and all protected by the national invention patent, ensure quality to you.

We’re very proud that this high-precision arc welding robots are 100% designed and developed by us.

80% of the components are produced by our company, good consistency and coordination, also better for quality control.

Excellent Performance of Arc Welding Robot

You Will Care About The Precision of Arc Welding Robot

Test Item
Genius Zhenkang
Foreign Robots
Test Speed
Test Instrument
Position Repeatbility RP
Leica laser tracker
Tracking Precision ATp
FARO laser tracker
Track Repeatability RTp
Leica laser tracker
Track Speed Accuracy AV
Leica laser tracker
Track Speed Repeatability RV
Leica laser tracker
Position Max Deviation
Leica laser tracker
Big Circle Roundness 1
Leica laser tracker
Big Circle Roundness 2
FARO laser tracker
Small Circle Roundness
Leica laser tracker

1. 60m/min represents for the speed of robot movement, 2m/min represents for the speed of welding.
2. The data of foreign robots are from their performance specification or public reports.

Not Every Robot Made in China is Tested With a FARO Laser Tracker

Repositioning accuracy is one of the most important technical paremeter for the performance of robot.
Genius Zhenkang use famous laser tracker FARO to test our robot’s precision, ensure robot alignment and adherence to the tightest tolerances.

A Noise Test Easily Ignored by Other China Robot Manufacturers

We all know that the precision of welding robot is an important technical parameter, but the test of noise can’t be ignored, it is related to the work and quality of servo motor and gear reducer.

Genius Zhenkang tested the noise of each axis and six-axis linkage of the robot, all < 70 dB, such low noise representing the good performance of our servo motor and gear reducer.

Motion Position
The 1st Axis
The 2nd Axis
The 3rd Axis
The 4th Axis
The 5th Axis
The 6th Axis
6-Axis Linkage
Measured Value
65.7dB - 70dB
61.8dB - 66.8dB
58.4dB - 66.3dB
62.7dB - 67.7dB
61.2dB - 69.1dB
58.4dB - 62.4dB
62.4dB - 68.3dB

1. The speed was 100%, the ambient noise was 54.3dB, and the ambient temperature was 15.9℃.
2. Uising the pulse sound level meter HS5660B, the measured value is measured from the distance of 1m from the measured position.

We Are Different With Other China Robot Manufacturers.

Cycloidal gear reduce is a important part for robot body, related the repeat precision of robot,we have the advantage of producing high precision cycloidal gear reducer by ourself.

Therefore, our arc welding robot have more higher configuration compared with other China welding robots, just these higher configuration ensure the welding robot have higher precision and longer lifetime.
this is a high rigidity, high torque, high precision and long lifetime arc welding robot.

Other China welding robots consists of 3pcs cycloidal geas and 3pcs of harmonic reducers, while our welding robot consists of 4pcs cycloidal gears and 2pcs of harmonic reducers, therefore ours have more stronger rigidity.

We use cycloidal gear reducer RV-50C in first axis, while other China welding robots use RV-40E, ours carrying capacity, torque and speed ratio all are more bigger, ensure the welding robot more stable, no vibration during welding.

We use double circular spline harmonic drivers for the 5th axis and 6th axis, also for the purpose of higher rigidand greater torque while other China welding robots use single circular spline harmonic drivers.

All in one controller, super small size and light weight, super sensitivity and stop immediately when touched, improve the safety of robot.

Rbotic Welding Application Cases

Can do different arc welding and laser welding can weld stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and titanium alloy.
welding positioner two axis

Welding Positioners for Arc Welding Robots

We provide various types of welding positioner depending on the customer’s workjob and welding solution requirement,  one axis, two axes and three axes with different payload, form 7 axes or 8 axes linkage with the robot.

All welding positioners installed our own Genius Zhenkang cycloidal RV gear reducer, ensure high precision repeatability< 1 arc.min.

welding positoner one axis
welding machine for arc welding robot

Robotic Arc Welding Power Source

Top 3 leading brand digital robotic welding power source made in China. With 3 types of welding mode, DC, Low Splash and Pulse Mode depend on your materials, achieve low spatter weld effect, save time and labor of weld grinding.YASKAWA and KUKA robots also work with AOTAI welding machine in China.

KAWASAKI robot with aotai welding machine

Compare Our Robot Welding Effect With Other China Supplier's

From the welding effect by robot, Do you think who is the expert ?

Welcome System Integrators All Over The World Distribut Our Arc Welding Robots

The quality of our arc welding robot is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is worry-free.

Different Armlengths of Arc Welding Robots Meet Your Requirements

We Have Armlength 1400mm And 1900mm Arc Welding Robots.

Worry About How To Program Arc Welding Robot?

Many customers want to know about the program of arc welding robot, actually the program is already written, you only know the instruction and insert it during program.

For example if you want to weld straight line, there is instruction MOVL stardard for straight line, if weld arc or circle, there is instruction MOVC standard for arc. Through the teach pendant move the robot, and insert an instruction at the appropriate position of point,please visit our video.

Related Parts Of Arc Welding Robots

The external 7th axis of arc welding robot

Arc Welding Robot Controller

This is our featured drive and control integrated controller for arc welding robot, compared to a conventional controller that controls and drives separately, it’s maintenance free.

Arc Welding Robot Clearing Torch Station

The clearing torch can automatically cleaning torch, automatically cut the wires, automatically spray and antispatter.

The 7th Axis of Arc Welding Robot

The 7th Axis of welding robot also called robot tracking floor, used as a walking auxiliary mechanism of the robot, fit for long and large workpieces, enlarged operation radiu of the robot.

FAQ About Arc Welding Robot

It’s not possible, you know robot need communicate with welding machine, and USA or European brand welding machine company would not open communication protocol to us, even someone brand agree, it only give us basic function, that’s only welding, if you want more functions, for example, touch sensing or arc tracking, swing welding, have no.
For our brand of welding machine AOTAI, it’s No 1 or No 2 brand of welding machine in China, as long as in the field of welding, almost all companies know well AOTAI. and YASKAWA, KUKA in China also usually AOTAI.

Our welding robot have anti-collision device, when hit an obstacle by coincidence,anti-collision device which pure mechanical structure will bounce back and protect the welding torch.

Regarding welding robot program, it’s not hard, firstly the program is already programmed well, you just insert related instruction, for example, if you weld a straight line, insert 2 positions of point, and the instrcution use MOVL which stand for straight line, then the robot know it weld straight line. If arc, then use instruction MOVC.
You know 2 points form a straight line and 3 points form a circle.

When you purchase machine from China, should find a professional company, then save time for the after-service, because some companies are trader, and they are not professional about welding robot.
When you bought welding robot from them and need after-service support or training, they need check with the manufacturer, will spend much time to communication, we have full training vedio about welding operation, you don’t worry about that.
Besides, some companies control system are developed by small company, their control system and teach pendant are not friendly
to operate, it’s hard to learn and spend much time to communicate about the operation, besides, their welding functions are not comprehensive and have no some types of weave welding.
Our control system is developed by big company, very easy to use, some customers said our program similar with OTC Daihen.

Standard accessories of arc welding robot including below,
1. Welding power source, cable
2. Wire feeder
3. Welding torch (Air-cooled / water-cooled)
4. Control system (English)
5. Torch anti-collision device
6. Arc seam tracking system
7. Remote control box

Other optional accessories including
1. Torch cleaning device
2. Triangulation line laser system for seam finding and scanning
3. Welding positioner

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