Cycloidal Gear Reducer Working Principle

Cycloidal gear reducer also called cycloidal gearbox or RV reduction gearbox,it is a new type of transmission developed on the basis of cycloid pinwheel transmission.

The cycloidal gearbox is composed of an involute cylindrical gear planetary reduction mechanism and a cycloid
pinwheel planetary reduction mechanism.

The involute planetary gear is connected to the crankshaft as a whole, as the input of the cycloid pin wheel transmission part.
The crankshaft drives the cycloid to make an eccentric movement.The crankshaft rotates one turn clockwise, and the cycloid will move one tooth in the counterclockwise direction.

The core components of the cycloidal gear reducer are the needle gear housing, the crankshaft, and the cycloid wheel.

Cycloidal Gear Reducer Structure Principle

Input shaft/planetary gear
Form the’1st stage planetary gear reduction, realizing different gear reduction ratio through the changing of the gears.

Pin shell/pin/cycloid gear
Form the 2nd stage gear reduction, achieving high rigidity and high accuracy through the cycloid meshing rate higher than
80% and the nearly zero-backlash quality fit.

Crank shaft/output shaft
Realizing the transmmision and output of the torque by connection the 1st and 2nd stage gear reduction mechanism.

Support bearing
Provides extremely high bending moments and load bearing capacity.

Features of Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Cycloidal gearbox have some advantages compared with planetary gear reducer and harmonic driver,Compared with planetary gear reducer, cycloidal gear reducer have more higher accuracy, compared with harmonic reducer, cycloidal gearbox have more higher torque and more longer life.

Backlash is less than 1 arc.min

Strong impact resistance

High torsional stiffness

Large transmission ratio range

High transmission efficiency

Long working life

Appication of Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Cycloidal gear reducer has advantages such as high precision backlash<1arc.min, high rigidity and long life,not only widely used in below mentioned field,but also used in precision machining tool CNC , wind energy device , indexing device, AGV, gantry, lift device etc.

Industrial robots & Automation field

The RV-E and RV-C series has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, high torque, and long life,and is a special gear reducer for industrial robots.

Rotary table & Welding positioner

As a peripheral device to work with a industrial welding robots, rotary tables also needs high accuracy and high load, therefore, it is widely used in all kinds of welding positioners.

Radar & Antenna

Radar and antenna need precise positioning to receive signal, due to the equipment itself weight, also require high torque and high load characteristics, cycloidal gearbox is very suitable for it,also suitable for solar tracking device.

CT Medical Scan Bed

Doctors need to accurately locate the diseased part of the patient through CT scanning, and using RV reducer can ensure the accuracy and smoothness of movement, thereby ensuring the detection results and imaging quality.

Cycloidal Gear Reducer Capacity and Market Share - Genius Zhenkang

With an annual production capacity of 100,000pcs, we rank second in the international market in terms of market share and our market share in China is close to 40%.

Having a deep understanding of the pain point of the industry, make rapid improvement and strive to push forward the steady process of the global automation industry.

Genius Zhenkang cycloidal gearbox have features of high precision, long service ife, low noise and no oil leak.

Our Customers

When you worry about the quality of cycloidal gear reducer made in China, please refer our customers,especially some world-famous companies YASKAWA, FANUC, their tests are very rigorous and take more than 1 year,now we become a very good partner, it is difficult but a great honor to be their supplier.

Market Development of Cycloidal Gear Reducer - Genius Zhenkang

Won the Excellent Robot Parts Award in 2017
Enter into the market in 2013
Accumulated sales quantity
0 +
Number of customers
Production capacity in 2019
Number of overseas customers
Fault rate
< 0

Intelligent Manufacturing For Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Stride towards industry 4.0 of smart manufacturing of cycloidal gearbox

64 units of special precision gear grinder
34 units of CNC
26 units of industrial robot
4 units of AGV
84 sets of on-line monitoring instrument
We keep on adding more equipments.

Digital processing line, digital center and network construction are realized for
the production of five key components of RV gear reducer.

Full internet converage for the CNC, in place of the IOT platform and visualized monitoring center.
Establishment of electronic tracking system, digital testing system and intelligent logostics warehousing and transport system.

Service Life of Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Noise of Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Quality Assurance Service of Cycloidal Gear Reducer

The ZKRV gear reducer is used within the rated operating conditions, in the normal assembly state and in the good lubrication state,and the warranty period is one year.

During the warranty period, if the performance of the reducer is seriously degraded or cannot operate normally, our company will provide “return” or “replacement” services for the damaged reducer,but no compensation for other expenses.

The following cases are not covered by the warranty, our company will provide paid services:
1. Not using the reducer as specified.
2. Foreign objects enter the reducer.
3. Failure to use grease and auxiliary materials as required.
4. Disassemble the reducer or reassemble the reducer without authorization.

Input shaft Customization Service For Cycloidal Gear Reducer

We provide customers with customized services for the input shaft of the cycloidal gearbox reducer.
Customers need to provide input shaft machining drawings.
Our high-quality service will add a guarantee for the precise coordination of your motor and reducer.

input shaft for cycloidal gearbox


Hysteresis Curve: the input end is fixed, and the output end applies torque to obtain the corresponding relationship between torque and torsion angle. Backlash: On the hysteresis curve, the torsion angle at which the torque is “zero”. Idle Stroke: On the hysteresis curve, the torque is the torsion angle at “±3% of rated torque”.

Bending Moment

Maximum working bending moment: refers to the maximum bending moment of the reducer during start-up, stable operation
and stop.


Maximum working torque: refers to the maximum torque of the reducer during start-up, stable operation and stop.



Our delivery time is about 3-4 weeks.

When you prepare place the order of cycloidal gear, please send us the drawing of your servo motor, our engineer will make a special drawing according to your servo motor for your confirmation.

Our cycloidal reduction gearbox is exactly the same as Nabotesco’s reducer, including the size, speed ratio, accuracy and noise etc.

The answer is yes, but for SPINEA gearbox, maybe our size will be a little bit different from theirs.

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